three value study


There are 2 tools for drawing on the canvas: FREEHAND and POLYGON.


With FREEHAND selected, click and drag an outline within the canvas area.

When you release, your outline will automatically close and get filled in by your selected color.


With POLYGON selected, click and release wherever you want to drop a vertex.

Click the FINISH button (or press Enter) when you don't want to add any more vertices to the shape.


I've set the default to 3 values, but you can choose to have anywhere from 2 to 9 in SETTINGS.

(Personally, I don't recommend going above 5! Especially if you're just getting started.)


To change colors, you can also press keys 1 - 9, which map to each available value from darkest to lightest.

If you change colors while drawing, the shape will be outlined in your original color & filled in with your new color.


You can also change the color of the background without losing your current drawing, within SETTINGS.

other features

You can undo a stroke with Ctrl-z or Cmd-z! Redo with Ctrl-Shift-z.

Clear the drawing with Ctrl-Shift-Delete.

Save the drawing with Ctrl-s.

Change tools by pressing Tab.


Be warned!! If you close or refresh the page, your drawings will be cleared.


You can download your drawings as either an SVG, PNG, or JPG by clicking the SAVE button.

(Also, if you make anything with this tool, please show me (via text, discord, instagram dm, whatever)!! It would seriously make my day!! I'm still working on a feature where you can submit drawings directly on the site, but until then I'll update a gallery on this site manually.)

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